The Charity IT Association is a registered Charity (1168721) and we have a passion for helping Charities get the most from their IT. CITA founding members first came together in order to survey the Charity sector about their experience of using and managing IT (the report arising from that can be found here).

By talking to mid-sized Charities about their experiences, we learned that they were typically under-resourced in the areas of IT, didn’t know whom to ask or to trust about their IT problems, and weren’t aware of the resources available to them in terms of IT expertise. Through our own individual experiences, the members of CITA were also conscious that many Charities have a tactical, rather than strategic, approach to IT.

We therefore set out to create a simple, easy-to-consume entry point for Charities to engage with the Volunteers who were willing to help them to get more advantage from their IT. Our vision is a world in which Charities are able to harness the full potential of technology to increase their potential for good.

CITA’s Response to the Coronavirus Crisis – 20/03/2020

In these difficult times, we wanted to let you know CITA’s approach to the current health crisis, and how we would like to support you all to stay safe.

For volunteers and charities – we are asking that all engagements be conducted remotely/online, as visits to charities are classed as non-essential travel and should therefore not continue on a face-to-face basis.  If remote working is not possible for the engagement to go ahead or to continue, then activities should be suspended. Volunteers and charities should contact CITA if they have any concerns.

We will endeavour to respond to all queries as soon as possible, but we still only have resources to manage the office part time, so we ask that you support us with your patience.

CITA’s own working practices – CITA’s team (staff, trustees and management volunteers) work remotely and will continue to do so. For the foreseeable future, all meetings will be conducted online, including board meetings and other gatherings.

Staying safe

We all have a role to take in limiting the impact of Coronavirus in our local communities. The World Health Organization have developed an FAQ service on how to stay safe and limit spread which can be accessed at https://www.who.int/.

We are also investigating creating a resource for charities on how to use technology & collaborative tools to bring their operations online. We are therefore asking volunteers who have experience of cloud-based collaboration tools (eg Office365 migrations) to email contact@cita.org.uk if they would like to help our charities.

With thanks for all the work that you do and wishing you continued good health.

CITA Board of  Trustees