A world in which Charities are able to harness the full potential of technology to increase their impact for good

To help Charities make best use of Information technology by working in partnership to provide free and / or affordable, high quality, support and guidance


  • Provide Charities with access to advice on a wide range of IT issues
  • Provide Charities with ongoing support and advice by matching them with a Volunteer who they can work with on an on-going basis
  • Equip our Volunteers with advice and resources to increase the value of their efforts and time
  • Develop other forms of IT support for Charities, according to identified need
  • Evaluate the impact of our service on beneficiaries to inform the future development our services


  • CITA is ‘for the Charity’ – helping them get the best outcomes and value from technology providers
  • We work in partnership to add value and avoid duplication
  • CITA is and will remain fully independent. Any/all commercial support will be transparent and received under a transparent and robust ‘no strings’ agreement
  • CITA is transparent and honest, realising that we can only add value to Charities, if CITA Volunteers remain trustworthy – protecting Charities’ interests and confidentiality