Legal Action Group

Legal Action Group is a national, independent charity, which promotes equal access to justice for all members of society who are socially, economically or otherwise disadvantaged. It seeks to improve law and practice, the administration of justice and legal services.

The Legal Action Group applied for a Tech Surgery in February 2016 seeking advice around an outdated ERP and CRM system that urgently needed upgrading. The charity were particularly keen to integrate systems in order to improve operational efficiency.

“As a small charity we do not have existing IT knowledge among out staff.  However making the right choice on future IT systems will be essential for our long term survival. It was very good to talk to an expert who did not have a specific solution to sell us but who considered a number of different options.” Nim Moorthy, Marketing Manager at Legal Action Group

CITA volunteer, Stephen Dear, suggested that the Legal Action group consider a cloud based service, signposting non-profit licensing options and CRMs which could perform all of the required functions mostly out of the box whilst removing the requirement for hardware purchase and maintenance.