Respect is the UK membership organisation for work with domestic violence perpetrators, male victims and young people. The organisation represents a community dedicated to working towards the eradication of domestic violence and abuse and works to form a bigger, louder, united voice in the sector, where the charity can influence positive change with the safety of survivors and children always at the heart of their work.

Respect applied to CITA for an overview of whether their IT systems were fit for purpose for a charity of their size.

The CITA volunteer worked with the charity to assess their current set up before providing a report highlighting how the charity could plan their next steps.  With the previous migration to Office 365 already in place the organisation is able to scale up cloud resources as required. Issues with the main office hardware, internet speed and wireless access points would be addressed with a new build. A review of the existing and new services could be undertaken to enable improved membership drives and new features such as streamlined bookings, webinars and teleconferences could improve collaborative work practices.

The volunteer also suggested having a defined road map of where the different strands of Business services and Technology are ‘as is’ and where the charity’s vision or objective is for them ‘to be’.

What difference did CITA’s support make?

“The free IT consultancy offered by CITA allowed Respect to assess its IT needs and plan for the future. The volunteer Consultant was friendly and knowledgeable and offered advice suitable to Respect’s needs and size. I would recommend the service to anyone.”