South Northants Volunteer Bureau

South Northamptonshire has a population of 85,000 people with 72% of this population living in villages. The South Northants Volunteer Bureau works with volunteers and local voluntary groups on a day to day basis, placing and supporting volunteers whilst offering support to organisations which use volunteers. Organisations turn to them when they need volunteers or want advice or help with managing and developing their activities.

The IT infrastructure used by SNVB was outdated; they were concerned about the risks which might be involved in hosting their own email. The SNVB had the technical expertise to support their IT systems as they were, but needed outside advice so that they could plan and execute their upgrade project.

Our Tech surgery with the CITA consultant happened at a very opportune time. Our consultation reinforced some of our thinking and helped to give us confidence to go ahead (eventually with a commercial IT consultant) to plan and execute a completely new IT infrastructure. This was completed very smoothly with minimum disruption.” – Richard Tomalin, IT coordinator at SNVB

The CITA volunteer, suggested that the SNVB upgraded their server hardware and move to a hosted exchange solution, offering suggestions of how to implement these changes and whilst minimising expenditure. SNVB successfully implemented both of these recommendations in the summer of 2015: they installed a new server, UPS along with the associated hardware whilst their email is now hosted free of charge thanks to a charity scheme.