Independent advice on effective IT

Are you a Charity registered with the Charity Commission?

Do you think that a ‘health check’ on how you are using IT could benefit your Charity?

Our Tech Surgery is an independent consultation provided on a pro bono (free) basis by an experienced IT professional. This consultation will help you identify where your Charity could be using IT more effectively. The consultation will take about 2 hours and is usually conducted by telephone.

Afterwards, you will receive a short summary report which will document the consultation and identify any areas where the consultant believes you could be using IT more effectively. This could include recommendations on specific projects as well as advice on strategy or approach. If you decide to act on any of these recommendations, then our IT Consultancy volunteers can help you define, manage and implement the required IT projects.

Once registered with CITA this service is free to Charities with a total income below £5 million p.a. whilst Charities with an income of £5 million plus are asked to pay a further administration fee of £500.

Please click on the button below to register on the CITA web site and request your Tech Surgery.