1.Unlimited mileage  – CITA only charges one off registration and administration costs for a couple of our services, the actual services are free no matter how big the job is, nor how long it takes.

2. Value for money – our scale of administration charges is excellent value compared with recruiting, selecting and paying a contractor to do the work

3. Faster and low cost IT project benefit realisation – the business benefit of the IT work is achieved at zero cost in some cases and at modest cost in others

4. Access to OVER 650 experienced IT Professional volunteers who are selected by our trustees

5. Easy access to a wide range of volunteer skills – from technical architects to infrastructure implementation specialists, from CTO’s to security consultants and from web designers to digitisation experts.

6. Simple resource augmentation of your IT resource – when you need it, for what you need

7. Avoided Costs

  • No recruitment or contract agency costs. The volunteers offer their services for your job once it is posted on our website
  • The charities incur little or no selection costs as CITA validates the volunteer profiles against the job and we only offer you our most appropriate candidates

8. Charity selects the volunteer whom they feel most fits their needs: culturally, geographically and technically.

9. You remain in charge – of your project, your candidate selection and your costs