The role

This role is designed to provide the expert advice required to help the charity define and manage an IT based change project(s) in line with the organisation’s business objectives. IT Consultancy volunteers are typically experienced IT professionals, with at least 5 years experience, of effectively using IT to help organisations meet their business objectives. They will be current, or recent, practitioners who can provide charities with objective and impartial advice.

Amongst other things, a good IT Consultancy volunteer will help to:

    • Generate a clear audit of the charity’s starting point in terms of software and hardware
    • Identify the change project(s) needed to help the Charity realise the best possible return from its investment in IT
    • Generate a clear vision of the strategic objectives of the change project and the IT changes needed to achieve it
    • Design and maintain a plan to achieve the objectives
    • Advise on the execution of the plans, including key supplier selection/procurement
    • Project manage any free delivery resources provided by CITA

An IT Consultancy volunteer does not become an executive of the charity. They won’t, for example, be expected to:

    • Act as a helpdesk or fix day-to-day technical issues
    • Directly supervise suppliers, volunteers or staff
    • Write detailed policy/procedure documents

Person description

We are seeking volunteers based in the United Kingdom with at least 5 years’ experience in either:

    • Developing, implementing and managing IT systems (software and hardware) to meet your organisation’s business objectives. Your job title is likely to be CIO, IT Director or IT Manager
    • Advising clients as a consultant on the procurement and implementation of IT systems (software and hardware) to meet their business objectives

In all cases you should have experience of:

    • Requirements gathering, specifying and procuring IT systems to support organisational objectives
    • Developing and delivering IT strategy and plans
You won’t be a master of everything, and you may no longer be a current technical guru in any particular field of IT. However you will have led IT-related projects, and will understand the critical importance of planning, requirements, governance, project management and training. You will be comfortable with procurement processes and managing suppliers.

It is important to recognise that you will have to mould your skills into the context of the charity. They may not be able to afford the best technology, or the highest level of project governance. Your job will be to help them act as professionally as possible, commensurate with their resources and the impact required.

What impact will the opportunity have

You will be helping a charity to achieve the best return possible from its investment in IT.

What’s in it for the volunteer?

This is a great opportunity to use your specialist skill set by giving expert advice to help charities’ resources go further through the use of IT.

Time commitment

This will vary depending on the assignment. You will agree a scope of work and time commitment with the charity that you are comfortable with.

How to volunteer

If you are a new volunteer you can apply by registering for an account below. If you are an existing volunteer then log into your account and select IT Consultancy to let us know that you are interested in volunteering for this service.