Many companies have a desire to help the charity sector but cannot afford the significant commitment of commercial employee engagement schemes. CITA (Charity IT Association) has a low-friction offering which allows companies to make an immediate impact, both with their employees, their reporting and their communities.

What is CITA?

  • CITA matches skilled IT volunteers to charities with IT needs.
  • Research shows that most charities struggle to manage, or gain advantage, from their IT.
  • Many IT professionals, and their employers, are keen to “give something back”.
  • CITA is a charity itself, relying on grants and corporate income.

How does CITA’s offer to charities work?

  • CITA has 3 services, each of which set clear expectations for volunteers and charities. The simplest service takes a volunteer less than 1 manday to deliver (preparation, meeting and short report), the richer services can take longer.
  • Charities register and declare their needs.
  • Skilled IT volunteers register and declare their capabilities and interests.
  • Using online workflow and with admin support, CITA arranges introductions, and projects ensue.

What is the CITA company scheme?

  • The company agrees to make a contribution to CITA for each project undertaken by their employees.
  • Volunteers register, recording their employee/company affiliation.
  • The CITA workflow results in volunteer selection by a Charity.
  • The project is initiated, and CITA generates reporting for the volunteer’s company on its charitable contribution.

I’m a company – how do I sign up?

Just drop us an email (contact@charityithelp.org.uk) or use the contact form  . We’ll send you a lightweight agreement to arrange how we manage financially and operationally. We’ll help with your employee communications, and that’s it!

How much does it cost?

CITA charges £500 per engagement. This fee makes a contribution to our admin, technology and marketing expenses, helping us to keep the services free to charities. To make the tracking activity and reporting activity cost-effective, we ask for a minimum commitment of 6 engagements per year (£3,000), subject to your employees volunteering, matches being made and projects started. CITA is itself a charity, supported by grants and revenue from services.

How can my company gain recognition?

CITA will display the company logo on our supporters page, will give reporting to allow the company to incorporate the contribution into its own corporate story and employee communications, and CITA will generate branded cases studies.


Surely our employees could sign up without our corporate involvement? True. The corporate scheme allows the company to signal financial support for employee volunteering, and CITA will give reporting to support the corporate’s own reporting needs.

Free volunteering for charities competes with paid-for services. CITA’s volunteers most often advise on change projects – they rarely substitute for the provision of commercial services.

I can’t afford the manpower to administer this. Once on-board, there is no admin on your side. CITA will simply provide reports and send you invoices in relation to volunteer projects started. We might nudge you with an employee communication suggestion from time to time, but that’s at your discretion.

Why do you set a minimum level of 6 engagements or £3,000? There is some set-up and custom activity for CITA in administering each company relationship.