“We want to help your organisation be accessible, effective and efficient”

What is a Tech Surgery?

An opportunity to take a step back and review all of your organisation’s usage of IT.

We will match you with an IT Volunteer who has many years of professional experience and will perform an independent review of your current usage of IT to help you develop a digital (IT) strategy in support of your key objectives.

What do we mean by IT (Tech)?

Our Volunteers can review and make recommendations on your overall use of IT:

  • Hardware and infrastructure, e.g. broadband, smartphones, laptops, PCs, networks (wired and wireless), security, cloud services.
  • Internal systems and processes to increase organisational efficiency, e.g. accounting system, document management system, customer relationship management system.
  • Flexible communication tools for service users and other stakeholders, e.g. web sites, e-newsletters, social media, video conferencing, online design tools.
  • Service delivery, e.g. databases, case management, web-based forms, client surveys.
  • Digital-first products and services, e.g. mobile apps, virtual reality apps, medical devices.

IT is always evolving – we can help you keep up to date

Benefits of our Tech Surgery:

  • Access to an extensive database of Volunteers, who want to help and support Charities,
  • A summary report including recommendations, which can become your digital strategy, an essential component of any funding request.
  • Assurance that your set up is as cost effective as possible minimising your operational cost whilst maintaining effective IT.
  • We provide you with the relevant knowledge to make IT related decisions, all that you need to provide is a small amount of your time.

Our Volunteers live Tech and are here to advise and inspire you!

Our Volunteers take into account your organisations:

  • Current understanding of Tech.
  • Available resources, including funding, staff and volunteers.
  • Existing processes.
  • Financial constraints
  • Any other relevant factors.

What to expect:

  • A 2 hour conversation (face to face or electronically) to discuss your Charity’s current use of Tech and your aspirations for the future.
  • A summary report including recommendations following that conversation.

This review ensures you are efficient as well as cost effective and can be repeated annually/bi-annually or as needed to ensure continuity

Is it expensive?

The volunteers provide their time and experience for free.

CITA is a small Charity which inevitably attracts some operational costs (ca £33,000 p.a. in 2018). Unfortunately, we have to make a small administration charge to cover these costs if we are to continue in operation. The administration charge for finding a volunteer to perform your Tech Surgery is:

Charity income up to £5,000,000:                Free

Charity income above £5,000,000:               £500

Please note that a Charity must first register with CITA before any services can be requested and Charities are asked to pay an administration charge to cover the registration process. The administration charge for registration is:

 Charity income below £50,000:                    No Charge

Charity income £50,000 to £5,000,000:    £99

Charity income above £5,000,000:               £150