“CITA is a great resource for charities who don’t know where or how to access IT support. We’re run entirely by volunteers and know we need to do something about IT but don’t know what or where to start. Our tech surgery helped us to prioritise our efforts and pointed us in the right direction. I hope that it has also put us in contact with a great supporter to guide us in the future.”

Trustee, Epsom Riding for Disabled Association – 28/12/2017

“Talking to Alistair about our technical and admin needs was a great gift for us at Journey to Justice. He was so knowledgeable, clear and reassuring. We are extremely grateful for his and CITA’s support, it will be transforming and we’re looking forward to the next steps.”

Director, Journey to Justice – 22/12/2017

“Stuart was extremely knowledgeable and was able to help us prioritise a plan of action. Most importantly, he was able to give us a realistic time frame – given our resources – and set out potential risks.”

Director of Operations, Hands Inc – 12/12/2017

“Our volunteer was great. As a small charity having expert guidance as we were developing our IT strategy was invaluable.”

IT Project Officer, PSU – 12/12/2017

“Your services were very useful and straightforward to use. A volunteer was really quick to respond to my request and turned out to have just the right experience that we needed.”

Operations Director, Clore Social Leadership – 24/11/2017

“John’s support was priceless. He really understood what WILD Young Parents Project was about. John was prepared for our call and we were able to get straight to discussing the matter at hand. We gained some fantastic advice and a thorough action plan which highlights areas we need to focus on.”

WILD Young Parents Project – 20/11/2017

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