UK Charities Identify Migration to Cloud Based Systems as IT Priority

A review of Tech Surgeries performed by The Charity IT Association (CITA) has revealed that cloud based systems and IT infrastructure are the areas of most importance to UK-based Charities.

To access the full report (sponsored by KCOM), analysing 118 Tech Surgeries delivered to UK Charities over a two-year period (2015 & 2016), please click CITA Tech Surgery Review 2015-2016.

57% of Charities identified Office 365 and/or cloud based applications as the areas of most interest, with a large proportion of the Charities raising IT infrastructure as an issue also seeking advice on moving to a cloud base IT infrastructure – indicating the requirement for support to UK Charities in this area.

The Charity IT Association (CITA) has been formed to assist charitable organisations in their use of Information Technology (IT) to improve their effectiveness and efficiency in providing their services to their clients and the general public. CITA provides these services using suitably experienced pro bono volunteers meaning it has minimum expenditure on administrative staff.

Feedback from some of the Charities benefitting from the Tech Surgeries can be found in the full report. In the meantime, here are just a few comments illustrating the value of CITA’s work:

Accessible Arts & Media

“The advice and support provided by the Tech Surgery has helped make the previously overwhelming task of overhauling all of our IT systems into a manageable process, clearly linked to our strategic objectives for the next 5 years.”

Twinkle House

“Twinkle House received excellent, clear and useful information regarding improving our IT that will aid our Charity in making better decisions and getting help in the future. I wholeheartedly recommend CITA IT help for charities to other organisations.”

Humber & Wolds Rural Community Council

“Your help has been invaluable. We would not have got to where we are today without the support and encouragement from CITA.”