Volunteering at the Big Advice Day

As a volunteer for CITA I was asked to go along to the Small Charity Week – Big Advice Day as an IT adviser.

Similar to CITA’s Tech Surgery, Big Advice Day offers charities an opportunity to access expert advice on a one-to-one basis.

These informal friendly sessions are an opportunity for a charity to ask questions, and seek advice from practitioners in a range of fields that might otherwise be beyond their budget.

The day was opened by Emma Harrison, founding chair of the FSI who spoke about how her experiences on Secret Millionaire led her to establish The FSI. On meeting small charities with lots of passion but little expertise she understood that to really help them succeed, writing a cheque was not enough. Using the “teach a man/(woman) to fish” analogy she was determined to ensure that her role would be as the “fishing rod”!

This is an understanding that is well aligned with CITA’s approach.

We offer a Tech Surgery all year round as a way for charities to get a “sounding board” for their IT issues and concerns. This is a confidential chat (by phone or Skype) with an impartial advisor.

If you think you’d benefit from a chat with an IT expert please register for a Tech Surgery.

Emma Steenson